KANON - Know And NONstop

With more than 30 years of CNC precision manufacture experiences,

KANON knows what customers value the most. Satisfy our customers,

strive to build a win-win performance for customers and KANON.

also elevate our technology and production management persistently.

About Us

KANON skill-set and expertise dates back as far as 1995. Located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. During the 1995’ and 1997’ Kanon became a leading supplier of precision shaft and components parts used in electronics, medical ,and machinery.

At the beginning of KANON there was only a 1100 square feet factory building with three Cam type Lathes. Subsequently, an increasing number of additional CNC lathes and expand scale plant size to 3600 square feet in 1997. KANON specialized in customized design and has gained customers’ recognition with high technical quality which including electronics parts, automotive parts, medical, pneumatic, hydraulic, communications, machinery components and so on.

The KANON team is dedicated to fulfilling our customer requirement with excellent quality, customer service and technical support. For this, KANON has ISO9001 certification.

In 2019, We relocated and purchased 18,000 square feet factory size which keep expand factory size and continued investment in the latest machinery, as well as many multi and single spindle automatics and invest precision optical quality equipment and highly skilled staff.

Our History

  • 2022

    Launch of the website and international trade activity

  • 2021

    Upgrade the Quality inspection equipment _optical sorting machine + CMM + imagine measurement

  • 2019

    Relocation and Factory extension _18,000 square feet plant size

  • 2010

    Upgrade machine type _ CNC milling+turning type

  • 2004

    ISO 9001:2015 certification

  • 1997

    Factory Extension _ 3600 square feet plant size

  • 1995

    Creation of Factory _ 1100 square feet plant size

Mission & Vision values


Services make our customers more successful

Services growth is a core focus of our strategy. At KANON, We define customer Criteria demands, functional precision requirement. We focus very low ppm quality demands.


Growing business profitably for Customers and Kanon

At KANON, Our goal isn’t to simply grow the business. Our strategy for Profitable growth means investing in fields with the most potential to create value.


Innovative solutions built around our customers’ highest priorities

Understanding our customers begins with knowing where and how is the application, At KANON, We can provide the best solutions as we continue to expand our technical support to meet customer’s needs.


TEL: 886-7-7356801

FAX: 886-7-7356903

Address: No.8, Lane 66, Dongshan RD.,Niaosong Dist., Kaohsiung City 833, Taiwan (R.O.C)

e-mail: kanon@kanonprecision.com